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The silence and the beauty!!!

"This house near the Black Sea is marvellous situated in the middle of the little agricultural village. Quite nice spots for archaeology and flora and fauna. I liked very much Durankulak-lake with the red neck geese and the historical city on the peninsula in the lake. And not to forget the restaurant there, I loved it very much!! The silence and the beauty!!! Very good!! It was a pleasure to stay there as it was with you."
Drs Paul Maas

It is a splendid place!

"It is a splendid place! High quality, comfort and privacy. Beautiful Nature! Excellent beaches! Warm-hearted atmosphere! I love being there!"
Chairman of the Union of Rodopi Mountain Hoteliers and Restaurateurs, Pamporovo

The Villa Kibela As A Research And Conference Centre

"The Bulgarian Black Sea coast is one of the most attractive parts of the wider “Mediterranean” zone, with a host of beautiful resorts and stunning natural scenery. North of Varna, the so-called Northern coast is not as developed as that of the South, without the mega-tourist complexes but with a wide range of eco-holiday locations. Krapets is a largely unspoilt small town on the sea and boasting an adequate range of tourist facilities. The Villa Kibela lies in the North Western part of Krapets, some 10 minutes walk from the centre.

The Villa is the brainchild of Margarita and Vlad, who have built up (and, in some cases, actually built) the centre over the last decade. The centre is excellently equipped for small conferences, seminars and research meetings. There is a lecture room with state-of-the-art audiovisuals (PowerPoint projectors, etc.) and several small meeting rooms, as well as the social hub of the centre – the delightfully furnished common room. The centre can accommodate 14 people. The modern art and the ethnographic objects dotted around the centre provide a fascinating glimpse of a Bulgarian syncretism between past and present. The garden comes alive in the spring in a blaze of colour, while the on-site swimming pool and outdoor seating areas are a vital part of the centre’s attractions.

If I was to choose a venue for a small meeting and I wanted a quiet but modern centre with delightful hosts, I should be more than tempted to come to the Villa Kibela."
Archaeologist, University of Durham, UK

It was great to be here!

"Hereby I’d like to thank you for our delightful stay in "Villa Kibila". I was really surprised to find such a comfortable and picturesque place. The rooms are well equipped and up to a 4 star standard, also the service was friendly and still professional. The outdoor barbecue near the swimming pool was culinary perfect but also the atmosphere with the small light around the pool made the evening unforgettable. I won't hesitate to recommend your establishment to my friends."
Complex Manager Hotel Gergana, Hotel Slavuna, Hotel Mura - Albena

If my phone is swiched off, I'm probably at Villa Kibela!

""Thank you Margarita for another wonderful holiday at Villa Kinbela. Lilly and I keep coming back in different seasons and we enjoyed them all!. The friendliness of your staff, the elegance and cleanliness of the rooms and the beauty of the place have made Villa Kinela our second home! (I almost forgot to mention the delicious meals). Keep up the great work. Love from Koos and Lilly.""
Koos Jan Schouten,
Managing Director Webfactory Bulgaria