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Happenings by choice for the visitor:

  • One week active relaxation for managers - fishing, hiking.
  • Wreck diving;
  • New age practices: Tzi Gun gymnastic and holistic medicine, ethno music evenings in ethno dresses.
  • Once a week - Medieval Feast;
  • Wild night picnic on the beach;
  • Once a month - roasted lamb;
  • Riding in the horse breeding center Hadji Dimitar
  • Visits of historic and cultural spots: Durankulak Lake archaelogical complex, Sveshtari Royal Tomb, etc.

Animals: State game breeding station Balchik - red dear, fallow deer, roe deer wild boar and mouflons, wild pigs, rabbits, within 30 minutes drive from Krapets

Complete seclusion on numerous cozy spots on endless beaches.

Two years ago the sensational news in archaeology theory of Columbia's professors William Ryan and Walter Pitman about Noah's flood in the Black Sea was published. On the basis of geological, archaeological, oceanographic proofs, the thesis says that Noah's flood was a real event that took place seven thousand years ago at the territory of the then freshwater Black Sea, following a break in the link between the Boshporus and the Mediterranean Sea.

A number of archaeological finds for the last twenty years from the territory of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast prove that. For example, the finds from the Durankulak pre-historic necropolis absolutely prove the swamping by rising waters of a flourishing settlement. The finds from the pre-historic Varna necropolis where the biggest and probably the oldest gold in the world are another proof.

It is a fact that a quite developed European civilization existed on Bulgarian territory some seven thousand years ago. William Ryan and Walter Pitman thus claim that this is the land of origin of many civilizations.

Bulgaria is one of the few European countries that can offer to foreign tourists in particular both the luxury and civilization of Europe and the exotic of the Orient and the East.

Oliver Hillel, Tourism Program Coordinator for UNEP's Division of Technology, Industry and Economics based in Paris, France, with over 15 years experience in the tourism sector: "Bulgaria shares with some other countries the same circumstance of having a rich natural heritage and very significant biodiversity. It also has a really significant culture and historical traditions to show. "

Bulgaria is a country with a sense of safety for the tourists and incredible hospitality. The natural attractions of the many national parks and the countryside almost overshadows the diversity of cultural and historical traditions.

In Dobrudja a visitor will acknowledge the phenomenon of rural communities, especially close to protected areas. It is a combination between rural, agrotourism and ecotourism.

Some of the editors of National Geographic that had visited Bulgaria in 2003 expressed their admiration for stunning Bulgarian nature. There was a National Geographic team on a Black Sea archeological expedition at Bulgaria's coast that Summer. The exploration works have been headed by U.S. scientist Bob Ballard who a year ago discovered the oldest shipwreck ever found in the Black Sea off Bulgarian coast.

A pleasant place to return after an adventurous day. Visitors are within a beautiful surrounding in all seasons.