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Villa Kibela is a philosophy followed through. The villa was designed by the renowned Bulgarian architect Datcho Petrov and is based on his original design for the Shabla Lake Residence of the Bulgarian Government.

Villa Kibela sits on an almost 4000 m² walled property in the sleepy fishing village of Krapets. Krapets is located some 15km south of the Bulgarian-Romanian border.

The Villa has 6 beautifully decorated bedrooms and one Suite. In addition it boasts no less then 3 'common' rooms with ample space for private and shared relaxation.

Everywhere in Villa Kibela you will find Bulgarian antiques and novelties displayed. Original prints decorate the hallways and an impressive collection of linen chests, collected by the owners over many years, are placed all over the property.

In the inside garden of the hacienda-styled villa a pleasant flower garden awaits the visitor. Next to the swimming pool and toddler bath you will find the outside dining area.

The private vegetable garden and the picturesque chicken shed provide the basis of the daily freshly cooked meals provided by the in-house chef. Of course you will find these supplemented by the always fresh 'catch of the day' and other local produce of the high standards expected from the Dobrudja hinterlands. 

Fishing in Durankulak Lake
You will be amazed to see that there are still places, where you can come in contact with the freshness and beauty of living nature...